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We have now made it easier to renew or join NYSPOA online. If you want to join or renew using Pay Pal, please use the below form. If you would prefer to mail in your payment, please click here to print out your form.

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Active Member - $30 Dues
Active Member Renewal for 2 Years - $60 Dues
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Associate / Student Member - $15.00 Dues
Retiree Member - $15.00 Due
Administrative, Associate, Student or Retiree Renewal for 2 Years - $30 Dues
Honorary Member - No Dues
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Payment adjustments:
If you have a payment that does not fall in the above amounts, you can add them to your cart as well.
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$30.00 for: Two Year Administrative, Associate, Student or Retiree Renewal
$60.00 for Two Year Special Rate Active Member

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