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NYSPOA to be Represented in Commission on Sentencing Reform

DPCA State Director Robert Maccarone has been asked by DCJS Commissioner Denise O’Donnell and Chairwoman of the State Commission on Sentencing Reform to Chair the Subcommittee on Supervision in the Community. The Subcommittee is one of four that will examine Sentencing Reform in New York State--the other three subcommittees address policy, sentencing structure and simplification and incarceration and reentry. The Subcommittee on Supervision is charged with reviewing current practices and making recommendations on probation supervision and violation, parole supervision and revocation, alternatives to incarceration, victim services and community resources.

Representatives from each of the related disciplines have been asked to participate on the 12-member Subcommittee that is charged with reporting to the Commission on Sentencing Reform by August 22, 2007. NYSPOA will be represented on the subcommittee on Supervision in the Community by Probation Officer Willie Johnson. If you have any suggestions or concerns that you would like addressed an the Subcommittee meetings please let PO Johnson know at CSR@nyspoa.com



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