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DPCA Announces Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing Academy

Polygraph Training Announcement

The NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (DPCA) recognizes the value of Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) polygraph examination in the community supervision and management of sex offenders, and seeks to expand the use of this tool. DPCA’s commitment to this initiative includes the designation of $400,000 of $2.3 million in state aid assistance to localities for enhanced supervision services. These resources are directed specifically to the polygraph examination of SORA registered level 2 and 3 probationers. DPCA has also reached out to the American Polygraph Association to foster collaboration between qualified PCSOT examiners and probation departments that can benefit from their services.

To advance the use of PCSOT around the state, the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services' Office of Sex Offender Management (OSOM) is exploring the feasibility of hosting a PCSOT polygraph training academy during the summer of 2008. This would include the 8-12 week basic polygraph course, as well as the one-week PCSOT course. OSOM is willing to sponsor a very limited number of participants in this academy, who would then use these skills by performing PCSOT examinations on probationers, and others in community sex offender treatment programs.

In exchange for receiving this sponsored training, examiners would contract with probation departments, treatment providers, or other partners in community sex offender management to perform the PCSOT examinations at a contracted rate. These new examiners could further supplement their incomes by marketing their skills to others who need polygraph services beyond the field of sex offender management. Based on the commitment required and the needs of the field, DPCA and OSOM believe that retired/soon to be retired probation, parole or other law enforcement professionals may be the ideal candidates for this opportunity.

Individuals selected would have the opportunity to continue contributing to the field of
community corrections. This announcement is being distributed through eFocus, the NYS Council of Probation Administrators and the NYS Probation Officers Association to determine the level of interest.

Please share this announcement with any persons that may be interested in this opportunity. Interested persons should respond to Gary Govel at (518) 457-4336 or
gary.govel@dpca.state.ny.us by 2/26/2008. Informational meetings and/or personal interviews with candidates may be scheduled at a later date as necessary.


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