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  • DPCA Announcement
    Deputy Secretary Denise E. O'Donnell, Commissioner of the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, today announced the return of the 1033 Federal Excess Property Program, which will allow qualified law enforcement agencies to obtain vital equipment from the federal government. Everything from aircraft and armored personnel carriers to night vision goggles and computers is available through the 1033 Program.

    Agencies wishing to participate in the Program must apply to do so through the Division of Criminal Justice Services by submitting an enrollment packet. The enrollment packet along with all announcements, publications and forms are now available through eJusticeNY, Law Enforcement Services Suite, under the Office of Public Safety.

    All agencies that wish to participate must have an eJusticeNY account. In order to obtain an eJusticeNY account, agencies may request an application by calling the DCJS Customer Contact Center at 1-800-262-3257 or by email at cccenter@dcjs.state.ny.us cccenter@dcjs.state.ny.us. Please contact Naomi Jimenez at 518-485-2091 or Bill Holt at 518-485-1419 for additional information.

  • NYSPOA to be Represented in Commission on Sentencing Reform

  • DPCA Nominations
    DPCA is seeking nominations for 2 awards categories. Award for Outstanding Service by a Probation Officer & Award for Outstanding Probation/DSS Collaboration.




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