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NYSPOA - Who we Are

What is NYSPOA?
The New York State Probation Officer’s Association (NYSPOA) was established in 1966, and is the only statewide professional organization that Probation Officers in New York can join to learn more about this profession in the state. NYSPOA takes on the responsibility of developing public relations, education and legislative programs and standards that professionalize our work. The NYSPOA board is comprised of dedicated, energetic and passionate people who represent Probation Officers from around the state. The NYSPOA board has divided NYS into 14 regions; each region is represented by their Regional Vice President. The Vice Presidents bring news of their represented departments to quarterly meetings, at which ideas are discussed with the other board members. All 62 counties are represented. At those quarterly meetings, NYSPOA attends to the many needs of members and association business.

NYSPOA is active with legislation. Our Legislative chair is constantly monitoring the legislature for new bills that affect the delivery of Probation Services in New York State. Where applicable, NYSPOA will create a position paper and submit it for their review. NYSPOA has also given live testimony around its position on pending legislation.

NYSPOA provides training conferences to further the education of POs in NYS. Our conference has continuously been dubbed “The premiere training event for Probation in New York State” by the state director of the New York State Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA). Our goal is to offer a multitude of informative workshops on the cutting edge technology in Probation. It is a great opportunity for officers from all over the state to get together to network and expand their knowledge base about our profession. NYSPOA also offers awards for those who have demonstrated a larger commitment to their field either by performing a heroic act or to their profession on a regular basis.

NYSPOA works in conjunction with the Council Of Probation Administrators (COPA) giving us a voice with administrators. NYSPOA has strived to maintain a positive working relationship with COPA. Many of the issues that come up effect both the directors and line staff in Probation. It is our goal to find common ground and work together to improve the Probation Services in New York State.

NYSPOA is an affiliate member of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). Because we are an active member of APPA, we learn what is happening around the nation regarding probation and parole. A representative of NYSPOA participates in APPA conference board meetings and gives a voice to Probation services in New York State.

Did you know?
NYSPOA has always supported a strong, unified Probation system in New York State. We feel that training, Peace Officer status and serving the courts in our jurisdictions are the cornerstones of our profession.

The workshops offered at the NYSPOA conference count toward the mandatory Peace Officer training hours.

NYSPOA is a tax exempt association and your membership dues are tax deductable.

NYSPOA members serve on many state committees, task forces, and work groups, and give testimony before the state legislature, making recommendations regarding state probation policies and procedures.

Why should I join?
NYSPOA could not function without their members. As a member, NYSPOA will provide you with a voice that is heard. You will also gain knowledge on what is happening in other Probation Departments around the state. You will have access to exchange ideas, feedback, and information with other officers. Members are welcome to attend the quarterly board meetings.

Members are entitled to the Legal Defense Fund. This fund was created for members to cover initial attorney costs for PO’s who have been involved in a critical incident and may be in need of immediate legal services. NYSPOA will provide $1500 for initial attorney fees for the period immediately following the incident. More information can be found in our pamphlet describing the Legal Defense Fund. This is a free benefit to all active members of the association. This would help officers in a critical situation where their specific county does not have policies in place to address legal fees involving a critical incident.

NYSPOA provides a newsletter to the membership outlining current activities that NYSPOA is involved in as well as articles about what is happening all around New York State.

Please take advantage of contacting any person on the board for more information about the NYSPOA. We are elected to this organization to assist in promoting the profession of Probation and will be happy to help in any way possible.

Probation remains “THE HUB OF THE SYSTEM.”


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